Sunday, December 2, 2012

James Bond Actors: Your Guide To Agent 007

Each of the six James Bond actors has their own style, appeal and uniqueness in their portrayal of Ian Fleming's famous creation. James Bond is a legendary super spy known internationally as a figure who has brought action and entertainment to our cinema screens. Agent 007 is the essential ingredient in a remarkable film series that has currently spanned 46 years. Now let's have a look at each 007 actor:
Sean Connery (1962 - 1971)
The first of the James Bond actors, Connery was acknowledged for his excellent portrayal of the Bond character which led to the amazing success of the 007 series. Responsible for bringing Ian Fleming's creation to life, Connery was renowned for his charm, poise, and charisma as the first James Bond.
Sean Connery starred in six official 007 films with the most successful being the 1965 adventure Thunderball which made $141 million. Connery later starred in the unofficial Bond movie Never Say Never Again (1983) which made $160 million.
George Lazenby (1969)
Although starring as James Bond in only one movie, Lazenby was an admired 007 actor due to his appeal, physical presence, and self-assurance. On Her Majesty's Secret Service became one of the most popular films in the series despite grossing only $82 million.
Roger Moore (1973 - 1985)
Bringing unmatched success to the Bond movies during the 1970s and 1980s, Moore was known for his mannerisms and humour as James Bond. Moore was an international movie star before becoming Agent 007 and starred in seven official Bond films.
Roger Moore is the longest serving of the James Bond actors and was famous for bringing escapist entertainment to the cinema. Moore redefined the role of Bond and played a key hand in the success of the series which raked in nearly $1.2 billion during his time as 007. The 1979 film Moonraker grossed $210 million at the box office making it the most successful 007 movie with Moore as Bond.
Timothy Dalton (1987 - 1989)
With an emphasis on playing a more ruthless and bitter Bond, Dalton became the new 007 after Roger Moore. Whilst Dalton's Bond was closer to the literary version created by Ian Fleming, it still contained 007's typical characteristics including strength, amazing skills and sheer perseverance. Dalton starred in two Bond movies in the late 1980s with The Living Daylights (1987) the more successful making $191 million.
Pierce Brosnan (1995 - 2002)
Following a six year break from the James Bond movies, Brosnan stepped into the role of Agent 007. He brought immediate success to the film series and starred in four Bond films. Brosnan's version of 007 ensured the Bond character was appropriate after the Cold War and beyond into the 21st Century. The most successful 007 movie with Pierce Brosnan was Die Another Day (2002) which made a staggering $432 million.
Daniel Craig (2006 - 2008)
After a four year hiatus in the series Daniel Craig became the latest James Bond actor. He was known for revitalising the character of 007 and is admired by fans and film critics throughout the world. Craig's version of Bond was more fierce, emotional, and resolute in his intentions.
The 007 movies with Daniel Craig as Bond (Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace) are the highest grossing of the series with Casino Royale (2006) making an astounding $596 million. Craig will carry on as 007 in the next Bond movie which is due to be released in late 2012.